If you refer to your print projects using terms like: Last Minute, Expedite, Panic, Rush, Desperate or Frantic, Docunet is the digital printing company for you!

Just think: we can provide a proof and sometimes even produce and ship your documentation in the same day!!! All this happens while traditional printers are still putting their bids together! Times have changed!

From traditional document printing to the highly regulated life science and medical ISO printing services Minneapolis businesses and organizations all over the world trust. Docunet combines incredible accuracy with unparalleled turnaround times to get you your finished product when you need it. This spectacular speed also saves you money! Your professional digital printing costs can be slashed by printing only what you need right now. Digital technology allows you to print documentation and labeling as the components are rolling down the manufacturing line, and can move documents across borders with lightening speed.

Gone are the days when inventory space was plentiful and cheap. Back then, no one cared if you threw away half a forest because something became obsolete. The expense, monetarily and environmentally, was devastating.

But this is now. Just like everything else, information and documentation needs change constantly, and it is important to stay current as well as conscientious. Only the best digital printer gives you that flexibility and immediacy.

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"I just wanted to give you and everyone there a huge THANK YOU! Once again you came through for us and I really, really do appreciate it! The parts were received Friday, sent out to Europe on Friday and they had them on Monday, ready to go for their launch. Thank you again for all that you do for us, it's great to have someone that we can count on."

– Laura K., Fortune 500 medical device company