Docunet is a sustainable digital printing company in Minneapolis that is committed to supporting a cleaner, healthier environment across the globe. Our goal is to continue to identify ways to reduce/reuse/recycle. 

Paper: FSC/FSI Certification – The papers we run are certified for either/both Forest Management and Chain-of-Custody from the Forest Stewardship Council and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

For both of these programs, a stringent chain-of-custody program is in place to track the source of the wood and ensure that it comes from responsibly managed forests. Energy used to create the paper is primarily generated by renewable, non-fossil fuel sources, and with increased recycling and reuse of previously wasted material as by-products, these programs have impacted the overall sustainability of our paper suppliers.

Energy – Docunet has integrated an Energy Efficient-Heat Recycling system in our production area, and the heat produced by the large digital printers is now used to heat the entire Docunet facility.

Recycling – For the past 17 years we provided the green printing services Minneapolis businesses and companies all over the world are looking for. With extensive recycling programs, we responsibly reuse all paper and cardboard. Each year we save the equivalent of more than 450 trees with our recycling program! We also recycle waste toner from the printers, making our digital printing solutions the most environmentally responsible way to produce documentation. In addition, due to our efficient production solutions, far less waste or overages need to be produced to manufacture your product. 

How Can We Help?

"Well...WE DID IT!! We got the IFU's to the Inspection Department by end of day today and that was our goal. These will be ready to ship to Europe now on Friday. I sure wish I had more opportunities to send your way because you are such a fantastic Supplier to work with. Your team really does not miss a beat on these urgent jobs we seem to have from time to time.

When it gets crazy, I know we can count on Docunet!!"

– Dawn H., Sr. Buyer, Medical Device Manufacturer